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Welcome to the Lafiya Systems website. At the moment these pages are a tranquil area. There's lots of activity on some of the web sites we manage, but for now this core site is quietly keeping our place in the online world. Eventually something exciting may arise from peaceful backwater that is the Lafiya Systems site that you currently see, but for now please just enjoy the peace. No banners. No attempts to sell you anything.

If you think we can help, drop us an email!

The creative work wanders on, with a bit of web site maintenance, a small amount of business consultancy and anything that attracts our interest. Currently we are limiting work to that which can be carried out in the Buffalo area. Yes, we relocated from the Isle of Man to the USA in June 2008 and have set up shop in Buffalo, NY. We have also re-launched, doing business in Buffalo as Celtic Grid Consulting though Lafiya Systems is still in existence, we're just not doing much under that banner at the moment.

If you want some useful pages, you'd better go directly to our Links page. Otherwise, please feel free to browse the small number of pages that make up the Lafiya Systems site at the moment. Or go visit Celtic Grid Consulting.

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