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The Origin of Lafiya Systems

Lafiya Systems was created in 1988 as a hobby, and it has, unfortunately, remained true to those roots ever since. Over the years there have been:

  • A few small games for the Windows operating system ( including Karanta, Farare, Hawa and Koguna)
  • The odd screensaver
  • A handful of simple utilities
  • A major communication and parcel tracking system

Yes, a bit of a slip-up that last item. Almost broke the hobbyist mould, but we managed to keep our feet firmly on the ground and our bank balance equally firmly in the red.

There was also the attempt to set up a plant dating agency. That's an idea whose time has still to come, so there's a page devoted to recording the facts - just in case the world suddenly cries out for such a service. If you are interested, or simply bored, take a look at the page.

In early 2001 a small person called David started a section on our web pages and rapidly took over. In August 2002 he was ejected to the realm of his own domain, returning this site to the quiet, tranquil place that it has been for most of its existence.

The precedent of setting David up in his own domain meant that while the arrival of Catherine in 2003 meant a little more technical work, there was no impact on the core Lafiya site - other than this note!

If you are wondering where the word 'Lafiya' comes from, we can put your mind at rest here. As you'll see, it is a very good word for all sorts of reasons. We like it.

Lafiya Systems also fully support sensible new words.

So, started in 1988 and still going. Quietly and harmlessly...

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