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Plant Dating Agency

The original site for Lafiya Systems was created in 1996 and took the form of outline pages for an online plant dating agency. (Don't ask!!) The pages introduced the plants that were to run the agency and promised more. More later, that is, and more than was eventually delivered. The time available to hone HTML skills didn't materialise, and neither did the agency. As a result, plants all over the world are living lonely, unshared lives. Oh well, that's (plant) life.

Elliot at home (38k) The co-founders of the original site were Elliot, a tall and handsome representative of the species commonly known as an Umbrella Tree, and Amanda, a smaller but perfectly formed peace lily. At that time Elliot was living in Chesterfield (Derbyshire, UK) and Amanda was living in Washington, DC. Their budding relationship was made possible by the internet, and the idea of using that technology to bring other plants together stemmed from there.

Amanda at home (23k) Elliot is now living in Douglas (Isle of Man) while Amanda is now living in Erie (Pennsylvania). Nothing has come of their relationship, mainly due to the restrictions on plant movement between the USA and UK, but they remain very good friends. For over 5 years they stubbornly held on to the concept of the dating agency for plants, but as the Lafiya Systems site finally gets revamped their grand schemes are being dismantled. However, we felt that it was only fair to give them a place on the new site under this 'Origin' page.

Who knows what the future may bring? As far as we are aware no-one else has set up an online dating agency for plants (probably for very good reason, but try explaining that to Elliot and Amanda) so maybe there is still a future for their plans.

If anyone reading thinks that their idea is worth taking forward, please let them know. We're sure they wouldn't mind someone else starting up such an agency - as long as they are among the first plants registered. Meanwhile, if you have a lonely plant that has adopted you, and it would like to broaden its world, or just wants a chat, please let them know that they can write to either Elliot or Amanda by using our contacts page. Who knows, it could be the start of something wonderful.

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