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Here's where we tell the world which are our favourite sites. We've no relationship with any of the following (except the first two!) and have no affiliate links so we won't make any money if you follow any of our recommendations - we're making true recommendations. We aren't going to swamp you with a massive list - just a few of the sites that we use regularly and would recommend.

David (3k)
David Alexander Powell

Sorry to be mentioning this site again, but a certain someone insisted. At least this is a site you can go to and not have anyone try to sell you anything.

Catherine Malane Powell (2k)
Catherine Malane Powell

The newest member of the Lafiya clan and a web site up and running from day 1. Another site where no-one will bother you with adverts or try to sell you anything.

www.manx-research.com (3k)
Manx Research

Lafiya Systems maintain a site covering various aspects of Manx research. Papers and progress reports on specific subjects.

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